The Inquirer

“Try to look away. If you’ve been sucked into The Bachelor franchise ecosystem, whether by way of snarkiness or sincerity, podcasts or spoilers, all you really want is more content.

Paper Doll Ensemble is here to deliver. The one-year-old Philadelphia-based theater company’s mission is to put an absurdist, tragi-comedic feminist spin on familiar female tropes, to devise original dark twists on popular culture’s notions of femininity.”

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Read about the drama from January, 2021 when we got caught up in Facebook’s sweep of groups dealing with QAnon after the insurrection on 1/6.

“In December, Paper Doll Ensemble hosted an online Zoom forum on the subject of “The Cult of Trump,” a book by Steven Hassan that traces similarities between the president and known cult leaders. Paper Doll used Facebook to promote the event online… Hoffman assumes her event posting, featuring keywords “QAnon,” “Trump,” “cult,” and “far-right,” triggered Facebook to eliminate the Paper Doll page.”

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