To Our Community: 

At Paper Doll Ensemble we are outraged by the senseless murders of black and brown people in this nation including Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, George Floyd, and too many others. We acknowledge our privilege as a white-female led organization and recognize this moment as an imperative time to be vocal and specific about our allyship. 

We commit to hosting forums to hold ourselves and our white supporters accountable for racism using resources including Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. Our Paper Dolls Clubhouse will be used as this forum for the foreseeable future. 

We commit to diverse artistic and business advisory boards. Our current members include Vanita Kalra, Shayna Freed, Amy Kurzban, Dr. Marcia Ferguson, Christopher Haddad R.N., and Evelyn Shuker. We plan to expand each of these boards by one member, and will prioritize making these additional members people of color. 

We commit to increasing the people of color involved in our organization as collaborators, production staff, and community members to more accurately represent the stories of all women in our community. 

We call on Mayor Jim Kenney to reallocate the funds proposed to increase the Philadelphia Police Department Budget to Community Services, Arts and Culture, and Anti-Violence programs. 

Finally, we echo the sentiments of Ben and Jerry’s corporation in saying “until white America is willing to collectively acknowledge its privilege, take responsibility for its past and the impact it has on the present, and commit to creating a future steeped in justice, the list of names that George Floyd has been added to will never end. We have to use this moment to accelerate our nation’s long journey towards justice and a more perfect union.”


Amanda Jensen, Managing Member 

Grayce Hoffman, External Relations Manager 

Sara Vanasse, Artistic Director