PAPER DOLL ENSEMBLE creates devised absurdist tragicomedies that redefine traditional stories of the female experience. Make a donation to support our work HERE.

THE WASP’S NEST: Philly Fringe 2021

Streaming Sept. 9 – October 2, 2021

Join us in The Wasp’s Nest, a devised sitcom-style presentation about a zany group of magical beings. A motley crew of Pearl, Fiorella, and unlucky Lucifer struggle with a seemingly simple task: what to do with a community garden? Spoiler Alert! It gets messy. Peppered with “commercials” of the most devilish sort, this show is the culmination of over a year of research, improvisations, writing exercises, and character development. Created almost entirely via Zoom, this digital presentation deals with themes including politics, power, the prison-industrial complex, sex and gardening.


Chat with the Creators (via Zoom!)

Sept. 9 @ 8pm
Sept. 17 @8pm
Oct. 2 @8pm

Paper Doll’s Artistic Director, Sara Vanasse, says “In times of social change and unrest, witches and magic have been the scapegoat of the powerful. In this piece, we wanted to explore how these condemned figures would interact in a world where they’re not only allowed to exist, but granted permission to affect the surrounding mortal community. Naturally, after meeting these characters, a sitcom was the most fitting home. Mundane issues and interpersonal drama reach dizzying heights in this witch-y take on the classic American structure.”

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